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For a personalized ABA treatment plan that increases independence and ensures long-term success, turn to the experienced professionals at Prism Behavioral Solutions.

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Our goal is help children and young adults on the Autism spectrum and other developmental disorders gain independence and lead full lives. Contact us to learn more about our step-by-step ABA therapy plans.


Serving Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego, and San Francisco, including all surrounding cities

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At Prism Behavioral Solutions, our goal is to teach parents and caregivers the skills needed to promote positive behaviors while decreasing the behaviors that inhibit learning and healthy social interaction. Prism Behavioral Solutions has a progressive reputation as an organization dedicated to effectively treating children and families with autism and related disorders, using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Through a network of trained therapist, supervisors, and assessors, we develop and implement high quality comprehensive and personalized treatment programs which lead to progress and success. Our specialized clinicians know that each family is a unique unit with its own particular strengths and challenges, which is why we personalize our instruction at every turn.

Our Mission

Prism Behavioral Solutions is committed to providing individuals with developmental delays the skills needed to engage in everyday activities. We use empirically validated interventions based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to decrease challenging behaviors that prevent individuals from being independent and fully included into society.
Our individualized care is a data and function-based response to behavioral deficits and excesses. We target challenging behaviors for change, introduce function-based alternative replacement behaviors, individualize intervention, and make data-driven decisions throughout intervention.

We are committed to utilizing antecedent interventions, the natural environment, direct reinforcement and collaboration between families, caregivers and behavior analysts in order to provide the most effective interventions available and foster independence.

Our Philosophy

“We want to be the reason for enhancing the lives of families...”
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