Individualized ABA Treatment

At Prism Behavioral Solutions we design individualized ABA therapy plans specifically designed to improve independence and to ensure long-term success. Our goal is to empower families impacted by autism to achieve independence and their best quality of life.

Skill and Behavioral Assessment

Our first step is the Intercare Skill and Behavioral Assessment. This assessment reveals valuable information about your child’s comparative mastery of five developmental milestones. These include:

Painted Hands - Autism Therapy
• Adaptive • Social • Language • Motor • Academic Skills

Functional Behavioral Assessment

The Functional Behavioral Assessment pinpoints challenging behaviors that your child is exhibiting in home, school, or social situations. Next, we design an individualized plan that fits you and your child’s unique needs and one that carefully addresses the challenges revealed by the assessment.

Target Goals

We determine the best behavioral supports to help your child to be successful at school, at home, and within the community. Individualized target goals are important at this stage, so these goals are developed for each child according to required foundational skills.

Since each child’s personal deficits and strengths are different, we tailor goals and methods accordingly in the intervention plan. We then begin individualized therapy, providing the most innovative, personalized care possible at each stage of treatment. The evidence-based techniques we choose are always rigorously researched.