Meet our Directors 

Director of Training and Employee Development

Mary Minassian

Mary received a Master's degree in Educational Psychology from Cal State University. Furthermore, she studied the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis at National University. She has over 12 years of experience working with children/adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. Her expertise includes early intervention, developing empirically-validated treatment plans and programs at the homes, clinics, and schools we work with. She has attended numerous local and national conferences and workshops to increase her knowledge of ABA. She currently serves as Director of Training and Employee Development at Prism Behavioral Solutions. In her role, she provides ABA training to PBS staff and oversees all clinical service implementation with the children and families we work with. Mary is an integral part of the PBS family, and is loved by all the families and staff she interacts with.

Director of Operations

Karina Aparicio

Karina has earned her Master's in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, Los Angeles. As the Director of Operations at Prism Behavioral Solutions, Karina oversees daily operations, ensuring that the children and families we work with are thoroughly supported and satisfied. Karina specializes in working with children and adults with behavioral issues, and or social skills deficits that interfere with daily life and functioning by executing effective reactive and preventative strategies in effort to extinguish the behaviors. Karina also has extensive experience in case management, crisis counseling and intervention, in providing mental health treatment to individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety, trauma, familial conflicts, emotional and behavioral issues. Additionally, Karina tactfully provides on-field support to all PBS staff in the application of the treatment plans and helps manage crisis support for the children and families we work with. Karina's passion and dedication to ensuring proper treatment and progress for the children we work with knows no bounds, and she is an invaluable member of the PBS family.