Founder & President

Dr. Lusine Gabrielyan is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, who founded Prism Behavioral Solutions to serve children and families with Autism and other developmental disorders. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from UCLA, a Master’s degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University, and a Doctorate degree in Psychology (Psy.D) from Argosy University. Dr. Gabrielyan’s background and experience consists of: working with children diagnosed with a wide range of disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, at risk youth, university counseling center conducting intelligence, personality, and other assessments, drug and alcohol counseling and therapy, child and adult assessment batteries, and forensic evaluations and treatments. As part of her dissertation, Dr. Gabrielyan examined and researched the impact of the stigma associated with mental illness and treatment. The findings were alarming and confirmed Dr. Gabrieyan’s desire to shed light on the stigma of mental illness and treatment, within minority cultures, highlighting intergenerational differences. Thus, after working with different minority groups for several years, including children with developmental disabilities and disorders, Dr. Gabrielyan’s interest in the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) peaked, specifically with regard to access to behavioral therapy services in underserved communities and countries. This desire led Dr. Gabrielyan to establish Prism Behavioral Solutions (PBS), and Prism Autism Foundation, a Non-profit sector of (PBS), in order to offer ABA services to children and families in Los Angeles, and surrounding areas, as well as have the opportunity to raise funds and provide resources to underserved communities and countries around the world. Dr. Gabrielyan has joined forces with many prominent members of our community to organize and host annual fund raising events through the Prism Autism Foundation.